Research: History of Coral Reefs

WWF-NL is developing an online, interactive exhibition that will visually demonstrate the history of coral reefs in the Dutch Caribbean. The exhibition will highlight the beauty, scope, and biodiversity of our past and present reefs and will be used by WWF-NL to raise awareness about the importance of protecting coral reefs in our region.

© Willem van de Poll, Nationaal Archief

Do you have old photos or videos that portray the coral reefs of Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius, Curaçao, St. Maarten, or Aruba? Wide-angle reef scenes where you can specify the name of the dive site and year the image was captured would be ideal, but any images that capture what our coral looked like in the past will be beneficial to preserve as part of our project. It can be from yesterday, or all the way back to when underwater cameras were first invented. Fun Fact: the first underwater image was captured back in 1856!

One of the main goals WWF-NL works towards is preserving the unique coral reefs in the Dutch Caribbean and the purpose of this project is to show if and how coral reefs have changed over time. Your photos and videos can help us to tell this story.

With your permission, the collected materials will be made available for future conservation work via an online archive. Send an email to and please indicate the year, island, location, and source (if available).

Corals in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Tidal pool coral
Corals in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

By submitting material(s) to WWF-NL, you agree to the following terms:

  • The photos/videos/etc. you submit were captured by you. It is not allowed to submit materials that are not yours. You guarantee WWF-NL that the materials do not infringe any intellectual property rights and/or user rights of third parties.
  • People of 16 years and older can participate. Written parental permission is required for children under the age of 16.
  • By emailing one or more photos/videos/other materials you agree that WWF-NL may use these materials for an online exhibition that will be linked to via the WWF Dutch Caribbean website.
  • WWF-NL has the right to edit the materials into the best size that fits the online exhibition before publishing it.
  • WWF-NL does not owe you any compensation for the use of the material(s).
  • Credit is included with your name and/or organization on the material(s). In case of omissions or errors, no compensation will be due to the owner of the material(s).
  • If your photo includes people, you must ask them permission first to publish it. By submitting your photo via, you are confirming that you have received this permission.
  • WWF-NL will not use your material(s) and name for purposes other than those described.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent by sending an email to
  • For more information about how we manage your data, please refer to the privacy statement.

Historic reefs

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