WWF-NL internship: Historic coral reefs

Background of WWF: the host organization for this research

WWF is an international organization for the protection of nature with the mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. The organization has independent offices in around 100 countries in the world forming a global network. There is a common worldwide strategy that focusses on the conservation of the biodiversity on the planet and the reduction of the global footprint to a level that is within the limits of the earth.  WWF looks for solutions in cooperation with governments, companies, and civil society to realize protection of species and their habitats and a sustainable use of environmental resources.

The internship: background and activities

Since the ‘60s WWF-NL aims to conserve the coral reefs and marine flagship species surrounding the Dutch Caribbean. This has resulted in the set up of several Marine Protected Areas, successful sea turtle protection, and much more. Because of this increased protection of nature on the Dutch Caribbean islands, some of the coral reefs there are in much better shape than elsewhere in the region. WWF-NL is looking for a research intern (starting January 2023) to create a visual depiction of the changes over time to the coral reef ecosystems and biodiversity of the islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

The intern will be working closely with the project manager to conduct source research and to collect historical photos, videos, species inventories, and coral coverage maps of the coral reefs of the Dutch Caribbean from various entertainment and research organizations in the Netherlands.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Inventory of potential sources (national archives, television, universities, museums, etc.)
  • Initial contact, communication, and follow-up with source organizations
  • Site visits for review and collection of images
  • Facilitating conversion of imagery to digital medium
  • Ensuring that copyright permissions have been secured
  • Organizing and transmitting images and information to the project manager
  • Support WWF-NL with developing communication end products (e.g. video, flyer, report)


This internship is based in the Netherlands. The student will be supervised by the WWF advisor based on Bonaire and cooperate with the Landscape Coordinator Caribbean based in Zeist. The methodology of the research will be using desk research, literature research, document and visual media review.

Candidate requirements:

  • Language: Proficiency in Dutch and English
  • Field of study: Communications, history, marine biology, or related field
  • Period: January 2023 – June 2023 (this is flexible)


Information and questions: contact your supervisor or Natascha Zwaal (nzwaal@wwf.nl).

Please send your CV and motivation letter to Natascha Zwaal and Carolyn Caporusso (ccaporusso@wwf.nl) before 19 December 2022.

Historic reefs

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