Education & Awareness

In addition to conservation work, we actively involve local communities and raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. This helps secure a sustainable future for people, animals, and the planet. We support and run educational programs, both generally and in schools. We also create events with and for local communities and ensure that local stakeholders participate in decision-making processes. This approach aims to increase knowledge, gain support from local organizations, and provide more benefits to these communities.

Youth Programs

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) is dedicated to youth outreach programs across the six Dutch Caribbean islands. As a key partner of WWF-NL, DCNA supports the development of comprehensive environmental education for the region. DCNA runs two main programs: the Junior Ranger Exchange and Youth Participation Working Group.

Both programs are relevant as they match the WWF-NL’s goals to invest in environmental youth education and leadership. While each island has its own nature education activities managed by national park organizations, these activities are currently not coordinated. DCNA aims to create more cohesive and harmonized nature education across all six islands, allowing for better exchange and expansion of activities.

Activities during Junior Ranger Exchange

Junior Ranger Exchange

The Junior Ranger Exchange (JRE) is an event for young participants aged 10-13. It was held in Bonaire in October 2019 and in St. Eustatius in August 2022. The goals of JRE include:

  • Developing awareness of key plants and animals on the island.
  • Increasing youth resilience by understanding the importance of biodiversity and its preservation, especially in response to climate change.
  • Exploring the connections between nature and humans, learning about species roles in ecosystems, and understanding human dependence on nature.


In 2023 DCNA organized the Education Standards and Strategy Workshop for representatives of Aruba Conservation Foundation, STENAPA, Saba Conservation Foundation, and Nature Foundation St Maarten. Together they have established unified educational standards, ensuring consistent and high-quality experiences.

The Education Standards and Strategy Workshop © DCNA

Project Deliverables

The key deliverables of this project are:

  • An analysis report with a strategic monitoring protocol to measure education outcomes and provide recommendations for local nature education content, including examples.
  • Organizing Junior Ranger Exchange programs and workshops.
  • A fundraising proposal to secure long-term funding for nature education, ensuring the continuity and implementation of these programs.


Through these efforts, DCNA aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature among the youth, ensuring a sustainable future for the Dutch Caribbean islands.


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