Our work in Curaçao

One of our long-term objectives is to improve coral reef health and coastal living environments through active restoration and the implementation of innovative Nature-based Solutions. Together with local partners in Curaçao, we initiate and promote innovative projects by supporting, funding, and executing seagrass, mangrove, and coral restoration projects as well as projects on associated coral reef species. For example, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance is conducting a feasibility study on coastal restoration in the Caribbean. The primary goal of this project is to assess the potential for implementing initiatives to restore and conserve mangrove and seagrass in the region.

Restoration Projects

We also explore the possibilities to collect and restore grazers (e.g., surgeon fishes, queen conch and sea urchins), as they play a vital role in keeping the coral reefs healthy by grazing algae of these reefs. We must work with nature to find solutions that can benefit people, nature, and animals. Furthermore, it’s crucial to work on the awareness of the local community. We want to motivate people that together we can make (small) changes have a big impact!

Our current projects

Our finished projects

Historic reefs

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