More Nature = A Better World

Be One With Nature

WWF started out as a protector of animals like the panda. Our challenge is now much greater. Extreme heat, drought and flooding. Loss of nature and climate change affect all life on earth today.

To stop this, you mostly hear about less. Consume less. Produce less CO2. That’s one side. The other side is not about less, but about more. More nature is needed today. Because more and more diverse nature has a powerful domino effect. More bees means more flowers. More flowers, more birds. More birds, more forests. More forests, more oxygen. And less CO2.

Everything is connected.

That is why WWF is on a mission: we are going to make our world ‘Nature Positive’. From loss of nature to gain of nature, as quickly as possible.  This way the earth remains a good place to live for everyone. It is possible, if we choose it together. We can work with nature to solve social problems. These Nature-based Solutions can help to strengthen biodiversity, our own living environment and health.

Young people, politicians, farmers, fishers, citizens and CEOs. More and more people are fighting for more nature. With what they eat, buy and support. The realization is sinking in: saving nature is saving ourselves. We are part of nature.


Herbs and plants
Bird sitting on a tree, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Yellow and blue fish, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Historic reefs

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