Our Work in Bonaire

WWF-NL partners with local (governmental) organizations, NGOs, and companies to build a strong network in support of sustainability on the island. We work closely together with parties such as the Public Entity Bonaire, PISKABON, Selibon N.V., Clean Coast Bonaire, STINAPA, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, and the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance. In 2013, WWF-NL launched Boneiru Duradero (Sustainable Bonaire) in Bonaire, which was a small-scale initiative focusing on sustainable awareness and activity on the island.

Under the umbrella of Boneiru Duradero, several projects were realized in collaboration with local partners and the community from 2013 until 2021. As of 2022, WWF-NL continues to raise awareness about sustainability in the region under its own brand name.

Our current projects

Pelicans in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
A donkey lying down and flamingos in the background
Landscape in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Historic reefs

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