Our Work in St. Eustatius

WWF-NL has funded several projects of STENAPA to maintain or restore the balance between humans and nature. In 2023, the Sea & Learn Foundation (SLF) introduced a Pilot Program to St. Eustatius in collaboration with STENAPA. Three scientists conducted four full days and nights of activities. The experts provided dynamic hands-on field projects and powerful presentations that raised community awareness and discussions.

This program aimed to boost awareness about the environment by inviting international experts to Statia. The goal was to encourage everyone to become a citizen scientist and better understand the island’s nature, including specific species reflecting its biodiversity and climate change. SLF set up a platform where people could engage with scientists, join presentations, and empower local students and elders.

Field project during the Sea & Learn program

One ongoing project involves the whale and dolphins expeditions in the Caribbean. We conduct research on whales and dolphins together with scientists such as the research team of the Caribbean Cetacean Society in order to be able to protect them even better. CCS organizes the whale and dolphin expedition called Ti Whale An Nou. Ti Whale An Nou is co-funded by WWF-NL and is part of a three-year program. Over the past three years, all islands between Grenada and Anguilla, including Saba and St. Eustatius, have been monitored with a standardized protocol. As of 2023, the ABC islands are included in this regional program.

Expedition crew © Caribbean Cetacean Society

Throughout the expeditions organized by CCS, local people are trained. The participants learn how to conduct scientific research according to a standardized research protocol. This contributes to the capacity building which is needed on the islands to ensure local continuity of the efforts to protect our whales and dolphins. The participants learn how to recognize the sounds of the dolphins and whales which are recorded with an underwater microphone. They also learn how to determine which species they encounter and how to use professional cameras to take photos of the dorsal fins of dolphins and tails of whales.


Other finished projects

  • Pilot study on the black sea urchin
  • Sustainable Financing
  • Support of STENAPA’s strategy
  • Research into nests of endangered iguanas (via the Biodiversity Fund)
  • Supporting the government with the creation of goat management plan
  • Sustainable fisheries (supply chain analysis, social mapping, financing set-up of local fisheries coop)
  • Writing agreements between the local government and STENAPA
  • Support STENAPA in drafting Nature and Fisheries Legislation together with the Public Entity St. Eustatius
  • Setting up STENAPA’s communication program
  • Support STENAPA in legally preserving and establishing marine park boundaries threatened by the amendment to allow tankers to anchor in the park.
The Quill, St. Eustatius
Bird in Herron tree, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean
Bird, American Kestral in St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean
Tree lizzard in St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean