Bou di Awa

In Bonaire, people rely a lot on the ocean and care deeply about nature. But they don’t know everything about how to protect natural resources for the future. We can learn and improve by talking openly and experiencing things together. Therefore, Terramar Museum and WWF-NL have joined forces to create the ‘Bou di Awa’ program. This two-year program includes various activities aimed at fostering pride and respect for the ocean, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding it together.

The activities will target different groups within the community:

  • Politicians
  • Youth
  • General public


For each target group, we organize activities and events to start discussions about Bonaire’s marine environment, its importance for our lives, and our shared responsibility to protect it.

Artist Café

The Artist Café allows to showcase the island’s history and culture through visual arts. Expositions are organized by Terramar Museum in collaboration with WWF-NL around all things with the ocean and its surroundings. We approach local artists to share their work with the community and tell their stories on the changing (then vs now vs the future), diverse, and complex relationship the local community has with the ocean and the underwater world. In addition to educating the public, this program supports the artist professional development and promotes artistic expression on the island.

News Café 

The news café is a roundtable session aimed to spark debate between people working in the public and private sector. The sessions are organized to have a lively public debate with local politicians about the state of  the marine environment (incl. fisheries), what has changed over the years, their vision for Bonaire and its marine environment and our responsibilities and needs to realize this vision.

Panel discussion at News Café

Cinema Club

Terramar Museum organizes alternative film programs that address social issues related to the marine life and fisheries on Bonaire and in the region. This activity appeals to visual learners. Selected films are screened for a period of one week, combined with a moment of discussion afterwards.

Historic reefs

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