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Whales can travel enormous distances as they migrate between their critical ocean habitats. These connected migration routes are called whale superhighways or blue corridors. Over a third of all whale and dolphin species can be found in the Caribbean. Whales contribute to healthy oceans, resilient coral reefs, and tourism. Growing evidence also shows that whales play a role in maintaining our global climate. Unfortunately, whales and dolphins face several threats.


In February 2022, WWF International and scientific partners published a global report called ‘Protecting Blue Corridors’. This report gives an overview of critical ocean habitats that overlap with a range of threats from human activities and highlights solutions to protect these blue corridors. WWF-NL advises to apply this approach for the protection of the migration routes of whales and dolphins in the Wider Caribbean Region. We urge for regional collaboration between researchers, local communities, industry, and governments to achieve this goal.

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Statement of Commitment

“There is a need for strengthened regional collaboration because of the importance of cetaceans in the Wider Caribbean Region, their transboundary nature, and the valuable on-going cooperation among five existing marine mammal sanctuaries. The Blue Corridors Approach can serve as a framework to support the creation of a network of MPAs and/or Sister Sanctuaries along migratory routes of marine mammals.

As a first step to implementing a Blue Corridors Approach, we acknowledge the need to explore the possibilities to enhance regional protection of whales as stipulated in the MMAP through the Blue Corridor Approach and the need of mapping whale superhighways and critical habitats in the Wider Caribbean Region. We also acknowledge that mapping of these whale superhighways and critical habitats in a ‘Blue Corridors for the Wider Caribbean Region’ entails making existing cetacean’s data available.”


Yes, I/my organization hereby confirm(s) to give support in order to realize the Blue Corridors report for the Wider Caribbean Region.

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