Sushi òf Dushi

Awareness Campaign

In November of 2020, Boneiru Duradero launched the “Sushi òf Dushi” (Dirty or Beautiful) campaign, to create more awareness for a cleaner Bonaire. Single use plastic products are a major cause of pollution on the island. In theory, everyone is in favor of a cleaner Bonaire, but in practice people often find it difficult to stop using throw-away-products, such as take-out boxes.

The Sushi òf Dushi Challenge is a call to action, aimed at all inhabitants to participate in a 10-minute cleanup and then post their BEFORE and AFTER pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Over the past years, Boneiru Duradero has organized numerous cleanups in Bonaire, often in collaboration with Selibon. One of the remarkable quirks, when observing people participating in cleanups, is that they often don’t want to stop. Because once you start paying attention, you start to spot litter everywhere. However, not everyone has time to participate in an organized clean up on a specific day at a specific location.


Here is how the Sushi òf Dushi Challenge is different from normal cleanups:

  1. We ask for only 10 minutes of your time or less.
  2. You can choose your own clean-up location for example: in your own neighborhood, around your school, your workplace, or maybe along a walking route.
  3. Your before and after pictures will show everyone what a difference a short clean up makes to your own surroundings.
  4. You can motivate others to contribute to a cleaner island by sharing your experience.
People throwing trash in the bin
People throwing trash in a bag
Beach clean up in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean