Mangrove Adoption Program

Mangroves are versatile trees that are very important for us, because they are a natural barrier for our coast against high waves, strong wind and tropical storms. The trees provide an ideal environment for different fish, crabs, shrimps and even sea turtles to breed or live. Moreover, local fishermen rely on the fish that are living in the mangroves. And not to be overlooked: mangrove forests store 7.5 to 10 times more CO2 than a rainforest, which helps to combat climate change!

Resilient Ecosystem

WWF-NL funded a community-based mangrove adoption program in Curaçao that is executed by Curaçao Outdoor Industry Alliance Foundation. The goal is to build climate-resilient and healthy coastal ecosystems that will protect the community from extreme weather events and other climate events. This goal is achieved by planting mangroves. To raise awareness on the importance of coastal ecosystems, the local community will be actively involved in the project and educational sessions are organized.

Picking propagules from the trees © Terence Ching

Goals and Objectives

●  Produce 1440 red mangrove plugs (MangPods) for use in restoration efforts and education within a year.
●  Conduct studies on mangrove areas and determine its potential value.
●  Actively involve the community which includes, outdoor industry professionals, students & teachers, and travel experience providers through the adoption project, education, planting events and social-media content and other methods of raising awareness.
●  Research and promote sustainable coastal protection methods.
●  Promote the protection and sustainable use of outdoor spaces, especially wetlands.
●  Provide tools to support outdoor-industry professionals and travel experience providers.

Field training © Terence Ching

Historic reefs

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