Clean Coast Bonaire

Marine Monitoring System

WWF-NL also supports  Clean Coast Bonaire (CCB). The goal of Clean Coast Bonaire is to monitor plastic litter in Bonaire, to determine how much litter is collected, which types of litter are common, and what are possible sources, and to present reduction measures. A lot of waste washes up on the coastline from elsewhere. The monitoring data can be used in the future to identify trends and to determine whether local reduction measures are effective. Clean Coast Bonaire also provides recommendations for creating a plastic monitoring strategy that regional organizations can use as an example for their organization.

The latest results are recorded in the Clean Coast Bonaire Plastic Baseline 2020 Report. The goal of the report is to make policy makers aware of the urgency of plastic litter and to jointly develop a strategy for solving this problem. It is possible to read the report on CCB’s website:

Historic reefs

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