Beyond Plastics Bonaire

Online Learning Program about Single Use Plastic Reduction

Plastic pollution is a worldwide issue and there is a global effort to reduce single use plastics by banning products like plastic bags, straws, and Styrofoam take-out boxes. The local government in Bonaire is actively working on the implementation of a ban. This ban will impact local businesses, residents, and tourists. That is why WWF-NL’s initiative, Boneiru Duradero launched a FREE Online Learning Program called Beyond Plastics.

The online program was developed in cooperation with environmental consultant Travel Without Plastic. It creates the opportunity for everyone in Bonaire to learn why we need to reduce single use plastics and how we can achieve a significant plastic reduction. A number of modules in the Beyond Plastics Online Learning Program are specifically designed for hotels, accommodations, and excursions. These modules offer two practical (downloadable) tools that businesses can apply:

  1. The self-assessment tool makes it easy for hotels to catalog the type of single use plastics they use. Taking inventory also helps to become more aware of the volume of “throw away plastics” used on a yearly basis.
  2. The recommendation table provides practical tips to start plastic reduction right away and maybe even save money by making smarter choices.

In addition, there is communication module available that helps entrepreneurs to develop their own communication strategy for single use plastics. Beyond Plastics also includes modules to educate the general public, explaining the impact of single use plastic on our nature and health. The Online Learning Program is user-friendly and the modules require very little reading. With a simple click you can listen to the storyteller in Papiamentu or English.

The easy to follow, 10-minute modules can help everyone from school kids to grandmas understand why it is especially important for a small island like Bonaire to reduce single use plastics.

A man holding a reusable water bottle, saying no to a plastic bottle